Lockdown Treat

If you’re local to Beaconsfield and need a lockdown treat to cheer up your January, I have just the thing. <Disclaimer – there will be no legal advice whatsoever in this post. I knew you’d be disappointed.> Last week, I bumped into a client and friend who was radiating well-fed contentment. He mentioned that he’d just had a takeaway Sunday roast from local Gastropub The Jolly Cricketers in Seer Green. I eyed him enviously through the drizzle, and had to try it.

We placed an order fairly late in the week, and picked it up eagerly at lunchtime on Sunday. Everything was well-packaged in smart cardboard boxes and a paper bag, and the food was fantastic. Roast beef (or nut roast in my case), Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, parsnip puree, lightly-cooked cabbage, lashings of gravy – it had the lot. My youngest liked it so much he dived in up to his elbows, and ended up with gravy on his nose and all over his t-shirt.

Lockdown treats
Lockdown Treats at The Jolly Cricketers

It seemed good value, at £15 per adult or £7.50 for a child. There was no cooking, and no washing up. Living. The. Dream. My bank manager was alarmed to note that they also offer fish & chips on a Friday night and burgers on a Saturday; I may give up cooking and devote myself selflessly to the support of local business at this difficult time.

Incidentally, on Saturday, after some early-morning sledging on the fast-disappearing snow, we also sampled the ‘bacon roll and a hot drink for £3’ deal over the road at the competition, The Three Horseshoes in Seer Green. They’re open from 8-11am Monday – Saturday. I’m veggie, but my carnivore family agreed that the nicely-packaged and freshly cooked bacon rolls were excellent. Not a crumb left. I bagged the latte ostensibly belonging to one of the children, expecting very little. Much to my surprise, it was proper coffee and the best I’ve had for months – it made my morning.

I realise I’m not a food blogger, but I thought my local contacts looking for a lockdown treat might benefit from these two excellent discoveries! After your meal, if you’d like to segue seamlessly into discussing your Will or Power of Attorney, call Chiltern Wills on 01494 708688, or complete a Free Online Enquiry.

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