Legacy Failure

Have you ever wondered why legacies in a Will may fail? Here are eight of the main reasons for legacy failure - and how to avoid them. 1. Beneficiary witnessed the Will A beneficiary or their spouse/civil partner witnessing the Will is a big testamentary no-no, and will mean that the legacy in that person's... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolution – Make a Will

Happy New Year, everybody! Are you looking for an achievable, worthwhile New Year's resolution that's easier than sticking to healthy eating and cheaper than an annual gym membership? Make it your New Year's resolution to make a Will. It is one of the most important things you will ever do for your family. If you've... Continue Reading →

Islamic Wills

Islamic Wills are a fascinating and specialist area of the law. From time to time, I meet Muslim couples who are struggling to agree on how best to structure their Wills. Sometimes, one spouse is keen to follow the traditional principles of Islamic Wills, with 1/3 of their estate ultimately passing to their daughter(s) and... Continue Reading →

Business Will

Have you thought about how you will leave your business in your Will? There are a number of issues which business owners need to consider when thinking about succession planning. (1) Who will inherit your business? Who would you want to receive your business, if you died? You may be fortunate enough to have one... Continue Reading →

Can Power of Attorney Pay Themselves?

Can Power of Attorney pay themselves? Acting as an attorney is a labour of love, and I've heard this question touched on guiltily many times, even by the most patient and long-suffering of attorneys. They have typically spent endless amounts of their own time -and usually money - over the years, looking after the donor... Continue Reading →


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