Wills and Powers of Attorney via Skype

Chiltern Wills offers the option of a virtual meeting via Skype or FaceTime to discuss Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, for clients who would find this more convenient than a traditional meeting. I was so pleased to receive this lovely message from a client today:

I read about your firm and was really impressed. I also noticed that you are able to provide legal services via Skype. This would be a huge bonus for us, as we are based in London and have a baby, so it’s hard to get out for appointments together without a baby in tow, which I imagine isn’t conducive to will-writing!

Very true. As a parent of young children myself, and knowing the restrictions that parenthood brings, it’s great to see my services working for others at a similar stage of life, as well as for older clients. I find I see a lot of young parents about their Wills and Powers of Attorney via Skype or FaceTime in the evenings.

These days, we have come to expect 24 hour service provision in many areas, but law firms tend to remain very much 9-5 businesses, and out of hours consultations are not routinely available. This means that clients may have to take a day off work to attend even an hour-long meeting to discuss making their Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney. Not most people’s definition of the word ‘holiday’! In business, there is much talk of disruptive technology at the moment. I like to think I’m doing my bit to modernise access to legal services, provided at a time and in a place convenient to the client.

The joys of setting up my own business and working from home, as a parent of young children myself, is that evenings are a very convenient time for me to speak to clients remotely. Rather to my surprise, I’ve found that there’s much greater take-up of remote consultations than I was expecting. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve ‘met’ with clients all over the UK, and also with British ex-pats as far afield as New York and Dubai.

With the coronavirus pandemic upon us and a lot of clients wanting to make their Wills and Powers of Attorney urgently, virtual meetings will also be very useful in the short-term to allow meetings to continue, without any risk of spreading the infection. I am currently giving serious thought to going over to virtual meetings almost entirely for the time being, for everybody’s safety and wellbeing. If you would like to discuss making your Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, please get in touch.

At Chiltern Wills we offer online consultations using Skype and FaceTime, as well as traditional, face-to-face meetings. Due to our low overheads, we are able to charge 40-50% less than typical local solicitors in Beaconsfield, South Buckinghamshire. However, you will have the comfort of knowing that your documents have been drafted by highly-qualified, experienced former London solicitor Rebecca D’Arcy, who now runs Chiltern Wills, working as a Will writer. Rebecca is a member of the Society of Will Writers and subscribes to its Code of Practice.


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