Stockpiling in Beaconsfield, to prepare for Coronavirus

In these anxious times, we in Beaconsfield are pretty convinced that there’s nothing Covid 19 can throw at us that we can’t withstand, as long as we have sufficient quantities of loo roll. The shelves in Sainsburys’ Maxwell Road branch in Beaconsfield are bare. Many people are stockpiling essentials, in case they may need to self-isolate for some time, as the Coronavirus does the rounds. The number of known UK cases has today reached 206, according to the BBC News, and the first case in Bucks has been reported. Baggage handlers at Heathrow have also been affected.

The people most likely to be seriously ill with coronavirus appear to be the elderly, and the first two UK deaths from the virus have now been confirmed. The authorities stress that 4 out of every 5 people affected will have only a mild illness, however. We are still in the government’s ‘containment’ phase of trying to stem the outbreak. The next step will be ‘delay’, which may involve social distancing measures such as closing schools.

People are being asked to call NHS111 if they have concerns that they could be infected with the virus, rather than going to the GP, in an attempt to restrict the spread of the illness.

From an estate planning point of view, I would encourage anyone who is concerned about themselves, and particularly the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, to take the important step of ensuring that their Will is up to date, just in case. If not, now would be a good time to address this urgently. If you would like to discuss updating your Will or making a Lasting Power of Attorney urgently, please get in touch.

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