Tragic news story highlights the importance of a Lasting Power of Attorney – Health and Welfare.

This extremely sad story in the BBC news recently highlighted how critically important it is to have in place a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Bradley Visser, who was only 38, was extremely seriously injured in an electric skateboard crash. He had previously put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney – Health and Welfare, in which he stated clearly that he did not wish to be kept alive if certain ‘life perimeters’ were not met, such as being able to be a father, provide for his family by working and being physically active. His wife found the clear guidance given in his LPA to be invaluable under the circumstances, and found the LPA even ‘more important than a Will’. She said ‘I have been able to be as strong as I have been for myself and for the children purely because every step of the way I feel like I have Brad stood next to me’. She knew exactly what her husband’s wishes would have been, even though he was unable to express them, because they were clearly set out in advance. She is now campaigning to help raise awareness of the importance of LPAs.

This tragic case highlights how very important it can be to have in place an LPA, even for young people. If you would like to make an LPA, Chiltern Wills can help. We charge £250 to prepare an LPA for one person, or £450 for a couple (inc. VAT). The Office of the Public Guardian also charges £82 per deed for registration. Click here for more information, or book your free initial consultation.

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