10 good reasons to write a Will

Writing a Will is one of the most important things you will ever do to look after your family. Here are 10 good reasons to make a new Will today:-

  1. To provide for your loved ones financially, in accordance with your wishes.
  2. To appoint guardians of your choice, to bring up your children.
  3. To choose trusted people to act as your executors, who will be in charge of winding up your estate.
  4. To balance the needs of your second wife/husband with those of your children from your first marriage.
  5. To provide for your unmarried partner, who may otherwise get nothing.
  6. To avoid the cost and delay associated with dying without a Will (intestate).
  7. To establish a trust to provide for a vulnerable, or disabled beneficiary.
  8. To disinherit a relative whom you do not wish to benefit.
  9. To pass your assets down the generations tax-efficiently.
  10. To avoid your children inheriting a large sum of money aged only 18.

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