Probate in Beaconsfield

Would you like some professional help with obtaining a grant of probate in Beaconsfield? If so, Chiltern Wills can help. We are a friendly, family-run business based in Beaconsfield, and we routinely deal with probate and estate administration work. When someone dies, in addition to dealing with grief, there is a great deal of paperwork required in order to wind up the person’s estate, which can feel overwhelming. If you would like to hand over responsibility for the paperwork to a professional, contact Chiltern Wills and we will be glad to help you.

Chiltern Wills is run by experienced former London solicitor, Rebecca D’Arcy. Rebecca specialises in obtaining grants of probate in Beaconsfield and can advise you on what needs to be done in order to wind up your loved one’s estate. Rebecca will be glad to remove the burden of paperwork from your shoulders at this difficult time.

The Probate Process in Beaconsfield

There are many tasks which need to be completed when winding up someone’s estate. For example:

  • redirecting their post
  • arranging insurance cover for their house
  • obtaining accurate ‘date of death’ valuations of each asset in the estate
  • paying any inheritance tax
  • making an application to court for a grant of probate
  • paying any debts
  • paying any legacies
  • distributing the rest of the estate in accordance with the terms of their Will or intestacy
  • finalising their income tax position
  • preparing estate accounts

Probate Timescales

It typically takes around 3 months to obtain a grant of probate, as there is a lot of detailed information to gather before the executors are in a position to make their application. Applications are usually made online nowadays, and in our experience the turnaround time for obtaining a grant of probate can be as little as 10 days once the application is submitted to the probate registry. This will of course depend on how busy the probate service is at the time. However, it can easily take a year (often referred to as the ‘executor’s year’) after a death to wind up an estate fully, including finalising the deceased’s income tax position and preparing detailed estate accounts .

Probate Fees in Beaconsfield

We charge affordable, fixed fees based on a percentage of the value of the estate, which you should find very reasonable compared with typical fees charged by banks and local law firms. As a small business, we are also not obliged to charge you VAT.

Our service is flexible – we can either provide you with a ‘grant only’ service, whereby we will take you as far as obtaining the grant and then hand over to you to distribute the assets, or alternatively, we can provide a full, end-to-end service if you prefer. If you wish, you can instruct us on a grant-only basis initially, and then review whether you would like any further help once we have obtained probate.

Why choose Chiltern Wills?

Unlike with many organisations, if you instruct Chiltern Wills to deal with winding up your loved one’s estate, you will be dealing with one experienced professional. Rebecca D’Arcy will be readily contactable to support you throughout the process, as questions arise. Our aim is to make obtaining probate as easy for you as possible, under the circumstances, and to deal with the necessary paperwork for you in a timely fashion.

Make a Free Enquiry

Call Rebecca D’Arcy on (01494) 708688 or complete a free online enquiry and Rebecca will be glad to discuss with you how Chiltern Wills can help you to obtain a grant of probate in Beaconsfield.

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