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If you have made your Will and/or Lasting Powers of Attorney with Chiltern Wills and you would like to store your original documents in the dedicated secure storage facility at the National Will Archive, please return them to Chiltern Wills for checking and use the link below to set up an annual payment of £7.50 to the National Will Archive.  They charge £7.50 per annum to store a Will and Powers of Attorney (as applicable) either for one person or for a couple.

Once your original documents have arrived safely at the National Will Archive, they will double check that they are valid and will then send Chiltern Wills a “Certificate of Safe Custody” including two credit-card-sized executor cards for you to pass on to your executors, if you wish. These are to point your executors in the right direction in case they are unsure where to find your original Will. Chiltern Wills will then forward copies of your signed documents to you for your records, along with the Certificate of Safe Custody and your executor cards.

Here is the link to set up your annual payment:

national will archive
Rebecca D’Arcy

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