Probate Provider

Probate Provider
Rebecca D’Arcy, Probate Provider

Are you looking for a Probate Provider to wind up your loved one’s estate? Chiltern Wills can help. We are a friendly, local Will writing business based in Beaconsfield in South Buckinghamshire, run by former London Private Client solicitor Rebecca D’Arcy. Rebecca is experienced in probate practice and will be your main point of contact throughout, guiding you though the process of winding up the estate and removing the burden of paperwork from your shoulders a difficult time.

What does a Probate Provider do?

We would start by working out what assets and liabilities there are in the estate, obtaining ‘date of death’ valuations of the assets and notifying all relevant organisations of the death. We would ensure that the home insurance is still valid and redirect the post, if appropriate. We would also advertise for any later Wills or missing beneficiaries, to protect the executors from liability if something or someone came to light at a later stage. We would then prepare and submit the probate and inheritance tax forms, and pay the inheritance tax. The probate registry would issue the grant of probate, which gives the executors power to deal with the deceased’s assets. At that stage, we would arrange to pay the debts and any legacies, prepare estate accounts and distribute the residue of the estate to the beneficiaries. We would also arrange to submit the final income tax returns to date of death and for the period of estate administration.


We can either work on a time-spent basis, or if you prefer we can agree with you to charge a set percentage of the value of the gross estate, which you should find competitive in comparison with many other probate providers. Please contact us for details.

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