Power of Attorney in Chalfont St Peter

Lasting Power of Attorney in Chalfont St Peter
Rebecca D’Arcy, Power of Attorney specialist

If you would like to make Power of Attorney in Chalfont St Peter, Chiltern Wills can help. We are a professional, local Will writing business run by former London solicitor Rebecca D’Arcy, who specialises in preparing Power of Attorney in Chalfont St Peter. Rebecca is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced – she will explain everything and guide you through the process, making it easy and painless for you.

In a lasting power of attorney, you appoint trusted people to act as your ‘attorneys’ – they would then be able to act on your behalf if you ever lost capacity to do so yourself. This would be useful if you suffered from dementia, or if you had an accident or illness which meant that you were not able to run your affairs yourself.

Lasting powers of attorney come in two types – one to deal with your ‘property and financial affairs’ and the other to deal with your ‘health and welfare’. Ideally, you will make both types, as this will allow your attorneys to make any of the decisions that might be necessary if you were ever unable to manage your affairs yourself.

Attorneys are typically appointed ‘jointly and severally’, which means that they can act either individually or together. This is usually the most practical choice, as it means that, for example, only one attorney would need to sign any given cheque. If you wish, you can provide that although you are happy for your attorneys to make day-to-day decisions individually, you would want them to act jointly in making certain, specified important decisions.

Once your powers of attorney have been signed by you and your attorneys, they need to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, which is the public body that oversees the way in which attorneys use their powers. Registration usually takes around 8 weeks.

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