Power of Attorney in Chalfont St Giles

Power of Attorney in Chalfont St Giles
Rebecca D’Arcy, Power of Attorney Specialist in Chalfont St Giles

Are you looking to make power of attorney in Chalfont St Giles? If so, look no further than Chiltern Wills, a friendly, professional will writing business run by former London solicitor Rebecca D’Arcy and based just outside Chalfont St Giles, in Jordans. Rebecca will be glad to visit you at a mutually convenient time to discuss making your powers of attorney. Rebecca is knowledgeable and experienced, and deals with powers of attorney daily. She will guide you through the process, making it feel easy and painless.

Your Will covers what would happen on death, whereas a power of attorney covers lifetime incapacity – it could be used to run your affairs on your behalf, if you lost capacity to do this yourself. It would be useful if you were ever to suffer from an accident or an illness, for example. You will usually appoint two or three trusted individuals to act as your attorneys and to run your affairs on your behalf, much as you do yourself.

As you may know, lasting powers of attorney come in two varieties – one to deal with your property and finances, and the other to deal with more personal decisions such as medical care and where you live. Ideally, you will make both types of power of attorney, so that your attorneys have power to make any decision that might be necessary, in the course of their duties. If you wish, you can appoint different attorneys to act in the two different roles, if you feel that this would make the best use of their strengths.

Once your powers of attorney have been signed by you and your attorneys, they need to be registered with a public body called the Office of the Public Guardian or ‘OPG’. The OPG oversees how attorneys use their powers, and investigates any complaints of wrongdoing by attorneys.

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