Can Power of Attorney Make Gifts?

Can power of attorney make gifts on behalf of the person they act for ("the donor")? In short, yes, in certain limited circumstances. Fundamentally, an attorney's role is to look after the donor's financial best interests, and the rules surrounding gift-giving are there to protect the donor and to give the attorney guidance. Where possible,... Continue Reading →

Can Power of Attorney Change a Will?

Clients ask me from time to time "Can Power of Attorney change a Will?" It's an interesting question, and you would think the answer should be "Definitely not." In fact, believe it or not, there are circumstances in which an attorney can apply to court to change a person's Will. The person in question must... Continue Reading →

Wills and Power of Attorney

Wills and Power of Attorney Below is my article about making Wills and Power of Attorney, published this week on "Award-winning lifestyle website for women", Annabel & Grace. COULD BE TIME FOR SOME LIFE ADMIN: WILLS & POWERS OF ATTORNEY Making Wills and Power of Attorney tend to languish on the to-do list somewhere below... Continue Reading →

V. E. Day Celebrations in Seer Green, Beaconsfield

V.E. Day Celebrations and Tortoise in Seer Green There was a wonderful, sunny V. E. Day celebration taking place in Seer Green, Beaconsfield today, with neighbours chatting and mingling (from a distance, of course), bunting everywhere and glasses of fizz and cake galore. I was entertained to see this lovely pet tortoise legging it down... Continue Reading →

Put someone you trust in control, if you lose capacity to run your own affairs

Here's my article about Lasting Power of Attorney, published recently on, which is a remarkably entertaining online magazine for over 60s! Whilst you're there, it also has some very good, contemporary content about the challenges of self-isolation and working from home. By Rebecca D’Arcy, Chiltern Wills Now could be the perfect time to get... Continue Reading →

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