Business Will

Have you thought about how you will leave your business in your Will? There are a number of issues which business owners need to consider when thinking about succession planning. (1) Who will inherit your business? Who would you want to receive your business, if you died? You may be fortunate enough to have one... Continue Reading →

Can Power of Attorney Pay Themselves?

Can Power of Attorney pay themselves? Acting as an attorney is a labour of love, and I've heard this question touched on guiltily many times, even by the most patient and long-suffering of attorneys. They have typically spent endless amounts of their own time -and usually money - over the years, looking after the donor... Continue Reading →

How Can I Avoid Nursing Home Fees?

Understandably, many people ask how they can avoid nursing home fees. The fees are extremely costly - around £1,000 a week - and can quickly decimate an estate. I had a call from a client recently who said that his mother-in-law's care had cost £400,000 in the last few years of her life. He wondered... Continue Reading →

Should I Get Married For Tax Reasons?

If you find yourself asking the question "Should I get married for tax reasons?", you probably already know that the answer is going to be "Yes." There are many long-term, committed couples out there who for one reason or another have never got around to tying the knot. Perhaps one (or both) of you has... Continue Reading →

Can Power of Attorney Make Gifts?

Can power of attorney make gifts on behalf of the person they act for ("the donor")? In short, yes, in certain limited circumstances. Fundamentally, an attorney's role is to look after the donor's financial best interests, and the rules surrounding gift-giving are there to protect the donor and to give the attorney guidance. Where possible,... Continue Reading →

Can Power of Attorney Change a Will?

Clients ask me from time to time "Can Power of Attorney change a Will?" It's an interesting question, and you would think the answer should be "Definitely not." In fact, believe it or not, there are circumstances in which an attorney can apply to court to change a person's Will. The person in question must... Continue Reading →

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